Usage guidelines

These are the general usage guidelines you have to adhere to when using the Mollom API or the provided Mollom clients.

Note: These guidelines can change. You therefore should regularly revisit this page.

  1. Volume limits
    • Mollom Free: 50 ham submissions or 50 correct CAPTCHAs per day.
    • Mollom Developer: 600 ham submissions or 600 correct CAPTCHAs per day.
    • Mollom Plus: 1,000 ham submissions or 1,000 correct CAPTCHAs per day.
    • Mollom Professional: 3,000 ham submissions or 3,000 correct CAPTCHAs per day.
    • Mollom Premium: 10,000 ham submissions or 10,000 correct CAPTCHAs per day.

    The volume limit is not cumulative; it is reached when whichever number is reached first.

  2. API keys

    For each site that you want to protect with Mollom you have to create a new key pair. You are not allowed to reuse keys for more than one site. This also applies to staging and development sites.

    Reusing a key pair on multiple sites would break Mollom's internal reputation system for the registered site, causing inadequate classifications, and potentially data loss.

    The key pair is private and must in no way be made public or sent to other people.

  3. Resell or relicense

    You are not allowed to integrate Mollom in products or services you resell or relicense to other parties.

  4. Correct API use

    All use of the API should be according to the well defined API documentation. Performing an excess amount of malformed or invalid calls can lead to the disabling of your API keys.

  5. Illegitimate use

    You are in no way allowed to try to alter the operation of the Mollom classifiers by submitting specially devised content or incorrectly marking messages. Mollom internally uses several reputation systems, and when your key pair's reputation gets very low due to illegitimate or erratic API use, your key pair can get blocked.

  6. Privacy policy

    It is your responsibility to make sure your website visitors are duly informed and agree with our Web Service Privacy Policy which allows us to process their personal data.