SilverStripe Mollom module tutorial

Follow these steps to install the Mollom module for SilverStripe 2.4.x:

  1. Download Spam Protection module archive from into the root directory of your SilverStripe installation.
  2. Download Mollom module archive from into the root directory of your SilverStripe installation.
  3. Extract the files (spamprotection-[version].tar.gz and mollom-[version].tar.gz) inside your SilverStripe installation directory. They should be at the same level as the 'cms' and 'sapphire' modules.
  4. Rename the new folders to "spamprotection" and "mollom" (i.e., remove the version suffix).
  5. Visit and run in your web browser.
  6. Open the file ./mysite/_config.php with a text editor and append the following lines to the end:
      // Configure Mollom API keys.
      // Enable Mollom protection.
  7. Replace the above enter-your-mollom-...-key strings with your real Mollom API keys for your site's subscription from the Site manager.
  8. Go to, click on Mollom, and verify that the Mollom statistics for your site are shown.

    In case it states "Your key is not valid. Please try another key" and no statistics are shown, go back to mysite/_config.php and verify that you pasted your Mollom API keys correctly, without any leading or trailing white-space.

Please note that unlike other spam protection tools, Mollom does not show a CAPTCHA upfront. See How Mollom works for a detailed explanation.

A similar installation tutorial is also available in the old SilverStripe Mollom module wiki page.

More technical installation instructions and hints for integrating Mollom into your custom SilverStripe modules and code can be found in the official Spam Protection and Mollom installation instructions.