Standard Service Level Agreement

The Mollom infrastructure was built from the ground up to be scalable and robust. Mollom has servers in multiple independent data centers around the world, providing a high degree of redundancy. Mollom provides a "client-side load balancing mechanism": when one of the Mollom servers is down or overloaded, your site can move on to the next Mollom server. This mechanism allows for high availability, as it is unlikely that different servers in different data centers around the globe would simultaneously be unavailable. Mollom servers are permanently monitored, and Mollom has technicians on call that can respond to any emergency 24/7 should any issue arise.

As part of the communication between your site and a Mollom server, your site receives a list of available Mollom servers it can use for future transactions. For clients with paid Mollom subscriptions, we return a list of several available servers. Mollom users with a free Mollom subscription do not necessarily get access to multiple Mollom servers.

Mollom provides paying customers with a "Standard Service Level Agreement" that sets forth the service delivery criteria that Mollom endeavors to achieve with respect to the Mollom servers. Mollom users with a free Mollom subscription do not receive any service level agreements. A "Premium Service Level Agreement" with support guarantees (i.e. phone support, support response times) and additional service availability guarantees can be negotiated separately for an additional fee.

Standard Service Level Agreement for paid subscriptions

This Standard Service Level Agreement is an integral part of the Service Agreement for paid subscriptions.

During the term of the Agreement, Mollom shall use all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the Service is available to you 99.9% of the time in any calendar month, which translates to a maximum of 45 minutes of Unavailability per calendar month. In the event you experience additional Unavailability due to Mollom's failure to provide Services, you will be eligible to receive Credits, as described below.

"Unavailability" means that all Mollom servers made available to you are unresponsive or otherwise fail to respond to Service requests made by your application(s). "Unavailability" does not mean that Mollom incorrectly classifies visitors or their content, even if these classification errors are repeatable.

"Credits" means that for each consecutive period of 60 minutes of Unavailability in excess of 45 intermittent minutes of Unavailability in any calendar month, your license period will be extended by two days, at no charge to you. Credits are limited to a maximum of ten (10) days per rolling period of one (1) month, and ninety (90) days per rolling period of one (1) year.

To properly claim a Credit due, you must inform Mollom within five (5) days of the purported outage and provide a full description of the Service interruption, including logs if applicable.

Credits will not apply if:

  1. the outages are caused by factors outside of Mollom's reasonable control;
  2. the outages result from any actions or inactions of you or any third parties for which Mollom cannot be held responsible;
  3. the outages are caused by programming errors in your application(s) or by programming bugs in the third-party extensions/modules distributed on the Mollom website;
  4. the outages are caused by the fact that your application(s) did not implement Mollom’s client-side load balancing mechanism as specified in the Mollom Client API;
  5. the outages are not reported by you within five (5) days;
  6. the outages result from scheduled maintenance, if Mollom notified you three (3) days prior to the commencement of the maintenance work (there will be no more than twenty (20) hours of scheduled maintenance downtime per calendar year);
  7. you participate in malicious internet activities or violate the Agreement.

False or repetitive Credit claims are considered a violation of the Agreement and may result in termination of the Agreement.

If you have legitimate Credit claims for three consecutive months, each party can terminate the Agreement for convenience. In that case, the total Credits due do not expire and are still made available to you.