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Mollom Free

Mollom Free is our most basic spam filtering service for any site with less than 50 legitimate comments / day, including personal blogs.  Up to 10 sites are allowed per subscription.

Mollom Developer

Mollom Developer is our high-availability spam filtering service for communities, corporate websites or professional blogs for up to 20 sites. Mollom Developer lets you process up to 1,000 legitimate posts and 1,000 correct CAPTCHAs each day. Mollom Developer clients have access to a high-availability backend infrastructure.  Mollom Developer subscriptions are billed monthly via PayPal.

Mollom Professional

Mollom Professional is our higher volume spam filtering service, perfect for digital agencies, development shops and consulting firms for up to 100 sites.  Mollom Professional provides access to the same high-availability infrastructure of Mollom Developer, but extends legitimate post and correct CAPTCHA limits to 3,000 per day.  Mollom Professional subscriptions may be billed monthly or annually via PayPal or wire transfer and offer payment options not available to Mollom Developer subscribers.

Mollom Enterprise

Mollom Enterprise is our custom offering for large enterprise level organizations that have high volume needs, multiple sites and heavy user interaction.  Mollom protects some of the world’s largest online communities, social platforms and support forums.   From custom integration to volume based pricing, Mollom Enterprise will help your organization automate your content and block 99.99% of spam automatically, so your content teams can get back to focusing on growing their business.

Partner/Reseller Opportunity

If you want to integrate Mollom into your products, explore joint go-to-market strategies, or if you want to explore a reseller relationship, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using Mollom?
Mollom is used by leading online media and publishing companies (including Sony BMG, LinuxJournal, Adobe, Warner Brothers, Jupitermedia and FastCompany), non-profit organizations, personal blogs, community websites, and more. A number of our users have comments posted on our testimonial page.
What types of payment do you accept?
Most Mollom subscribers are billed via PayPal. PayPal allows you to fund your payment with your regular PayPal account balance, a major credit card (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), or a wire transfer from your checking or savings account.
We provide invoices for download for each transaction.
I want to use Mollom on a large corporate site. How else can I pay?
Mollom Professional provides enhanced payment flexibility. It is billed annually and may be paid with PayPal, major credit cards, by check, or via wire transfer (contact us for wire transfer information).
We also accept checks and wire transfer payments for large Mollom Developer transactions exceeding 1,000 euros.
Can I pay annually?
Mollom Professional is billed yearly. If you have multiple Mollom Developer subscriptions or wish to prepay your Mollom Developer subscriptions, we may offer additional flexibility for payments exceeding 1,000 euros. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Do I have to pay manually?
No, for Mollom Developer clients, we set up a recurring monthly payment. Unless you cancel your Mollom Developer subscription, we automatically bill your PayPal account each month. If you are using one of the major credit cards supported by PayPal, this will result in a monthly credit card transaction.
Does the price include VAT or sales taxes?
No, VAT or sales tax charges are not included in the monthly fees listed on our pricing page, but are billed to your PayPal account if applicable:
  • If you are not based in the European Union (EU), you will not be charged VAT.
  • If you are based in the EU and have a VAT ID, you will not be charged VAT.
  • If you are based in the EU and do not have a VAT ID, we will charge you VAT.
Can I pay with a currency other than Euro?
Yes, PayPal currently accepts many different forms of currency, and will automatically use the latest exchange rates to process Mollom payments in euros. You can look up the current conversion rates at Yahoo!'s Currency Converter. Since Mollom Professional accounts are billed annually, the entire term will be calculated at the currency exchange rate applicable your invoice is created.
Can I cancel my Mollom subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any point in time. Your cancellation becomes effective at the start of the next billing cycle for your subscription. We do not offer partial refunds.
Where can I review your terms of service, your privacy policy and your SLA?
Our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Service Level Agreement (SLA) are available for your review.

More questions? Check our complete FAQ where we answer dozens of questions!