Mollom Support now powered by Acquia

Just over two years ago this month, Mollom announced that Acquia acquired Mollom. Since then, Mollom has become integrated into Acquia, including our support, which is now provided by Acquia’s global support organization.

Reflecting this change, and as Mollom looks to streamline backend administrative functions, we are excited to merge our externally-facing Support systems into Acquia’s. What does this mean for Mollom customers? Not much will change. Customers will receive the same great support from the same great team. One thing that is changing: as of Thursday, 21 August 2014, any new Support requests filed through Mollom’s online form will receive email responses from “Acquia Support.” Also, the creation of new tickets via email will not be supported anymore. If you want to submit a ticket, use our online form.

We recently passed an exciting milestone at Mollom: over 6 billion spam messages blocked. We’re looking forward to providing great support to our customers as we block the next 6 billion!

For more information about submitting support requests and about other service offerings, be sure to check out this Mollom Support resource.

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