1. Next generation spam filtering technology … Ham or spam? - When new content is analyzed by Mollom's intelligent text-analysis filter, and Mollom is unsure whether it is ham or spam, it asks the user to answer a CAPTCHA challenge. This challenge-response procedure will never block human users, and it allows us to set very tight spam filters and prevent almost all spam from getting through. If an unwanted message still makes it onto your website, you can help fight back by reporting it to us. Mollom learns from its mistakes, and you help make our spam filters even better.
  2. Eliminate spam moderation queues - By using a combination of advanced content analysis techniques and CAPTCHA challenges, we are able to make sure more spam is captured without preventing legitimate users from posting on your site. This all but eliminates your moderation queue.
  3. Accessible and secure CAPTCHAs - Mollom provides both image and audio CAPTCHA challenges, allowing the visually impaired to participate on your site. We serve our CAPTCHAs from a centralized server and constantly monitor CAPTCHA quality. If hackers solve them, we respond by immediately changing them.
  4. Content quality assessment (BETA) - Mollom provides a quality score, based on automated content-analysis techniques, for each post sent to us for analysis. This makes it possible to ignore or reject low-quality or offensive comments, based on quality metrics that you control.
  5. Multi-lingual - Mollom stops spam and unwanted content in all languages.
  6. Extensive statistics - Mollom plays with an open hand. We show real-time statistics on our front page and maintain an individual statistics page for each site protected by Mollom.
  7. Open API - Mollom is built on an open API, meaning that anyone may incorporate Mollom into their web applications. We provide open-source modules for several content-management systems, but you are free to adapt it for your own needs.
  8. High-availability built in - The Mollom API uses client-side load balancing, making it reliable and practically infinitely scalable. Should one Mollom server fail or become overloaded, another Mollom server will automatically take over. The Mollom Developer and higher subscription service is guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time.
  9. OpenID - Mollom fully supports OpenID, a decentralized, single sign-on system, which allows users to log in to different websites using only one set of credentials. Internally, Mollom builds a reputation for each of our users' OpenIDs, allowing the inheritance of user reputations across sites in the future.
  10. Dedicated Mollom servers - We offer dedicated Mollom servers for enterprise users. These are virtual servers running dedicated, unlimited, full-featured instances of Mollom. You can rest assured that your server will never be hit by a DDoS attack, since it accepts connections only from your web server.
  11. Secure authentication - Mollom uses a secure authentication scheme using a keyed-hash message authentication code instead of just a single access key. This protects your key. Hackers cannot hijack your account or impersonate you.
  12. Retain spam instead of discarding it - Not all of our users are comfortable with the idea of Mollom discarding spam without the possibility of manual review (no matter how spammy the message appears to be). We've solved this in a simple way: by allowing spam comments to be retained in your site's moderation queue, which can then be reviewed periodically by moderators or administrators. Note that depending on the capabilities of your CMS, this option may not be available in every Mollom client package.
  13. Better protection for user registration forms - To help combat user registration spam, some of our Mollom clients now support text analysis on custom, additional fields that may be required for registration, like a "Bio" or "About me" section.
  14. Hidden honeypots - In our Drupal Mollom module, we've added a basic honeypot to all forms protected by Mollom, through the use of a hidden field, a common way to trick spam bots into revealing themselves. This significantly reduces the number of spam bots attempting to game your web forms.
  15. Flag as inappropriate - Our Drupal module includes the ability to have site users flag content as inappropriate for your site, allowing site users to help maintain site quality. Non-Drupal installations can still take advantage of reporting this feedback through the Mollom API.
  16. Form behavior analysis (beta) - Mollom can analyze user behavior metrics as the user fills out a form to assist in its classification decision. This helps legitimate users to be identified without being asked to prove their humanness.