New Mollom content moderation platform launched

Update: On Thursday, 1 October 2015, Acquia is ending support for the Content Moderation Platform (CMP) feature of Mollom, which was originally added as a feature in 2013. Find out more.

Today I'm excited to announce that we've released the next generation of Mollom - our Content Moderation Platform. For the past five years, Benjamin Schrauwen and I have worked hard to help companies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to content moderation. With today's release, I feel like we've secured our place as the leading enterprise-ready content moderation system.

With over 2 years in development, and 600 beta users, the new content moderation platform is built to help companies handle extensive amounts of user generated content with ease. The main features of the Content Moderation platform are:

  • Easy team management. Site admins can add moderators, assign privileges, and monitor how moderators are performing - keeping an eye on productivity while trusting that no malicious content is making it to their site.
  • Fast moderation. If we know it's spam, your team never sees it. If we're sure it's good content - we'll publish it to your site. For the content we're unsure about - moderators now have a very easy user interface where they can view the contributor, their comment, and their reputation, spam, and profanity score all within seconds. They can approve or decline, and even take bulk actions to speed things up.
  • Custom filters. The system allows each user to create custom filters so they can focus on a specific subset of commenters. If they only want to see users with low spam and profanity scores - creating a filter takes just a couple seconds and they now have a customized view.
  • Multi-site management. All customers can have from one to hundreds of sites in their system - which makes moderation for big brands with multiple site properties very easy. Adding a site takes just a couple minutes, and customers can view analytics separately across all site properties.

You can learn more on the Mollom site, the video below, or in the press release we issued this morning.

I'm really excited to finally show this off to the world, and continue to help more companies embrace social without fear!

Mollom featured in Oracle's Java Magazine

Mollom was featured in the January 2012 edition of Java Magazine with an article called "Winning the War Against Spam" (PDF download, 0.5 MB). The article provides some great information about what we do at Mollom to keep the thousands of websites free of social web spam.

(Note: Now that I'm working out of Boston, Java Magazine visited Acquia's office to photograph me. All photos were taken at Acquia instead of Mollom's offices in Belgium.)


We're proud to present a new design and experience for the Mollom web site!

The new design features a clean and open look in a well-defined layout. It provides a richer experience and ensures focus on the main page content. was originally launched in 2007 and has used the same design for more than four years. We've wanted to redesign the site for over a year now, in order to address many issues that were troublesome in the old design. However, work on the Mollom web service and the design and development of new Mollom products have always had a higher priority so we haven't found the time to complete the new design until now.

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WANTED: beta-testers!

Over the last months we have been secretly cooking up a new REST based API (more details on this will be posted shortly). We are almost ready to release it, but to make sure it is rock solid, we're looking for enthusiastic interns to help us test the API. We would love to integrate the new tests in our existing suite of backend integration tests which is based on Java and JAX-RS. If you have a couple of hours to spare to help use improve our API and its documentation, give use a shout at or @mollom !

Half a billion spam attempts blocked

We've just reached another huge milestones at Mollom: we blocked our 500,000,000th spam message!

Furthermore, Mollom is currently protecting close to 50,000 active websites, that is a 75% increase since the beginning of the year 8 months ago.

It's sad that our websites get bombarded by idiots. But the fact that Mollom blocked half a billion of their attempts, actually makes me feel a lot better!