.NET library for Mollom

Friend of the family, Jelle Druyts wrote a Microsoft .NET library for Mollom. Jelle and I went to the same high school. I've kept up with Jelle over the years and consider him to be on the forefront of everything Microsoft. I've never had the opportunity to work closely with Jelle until more recently, when Jelle offered to contribute a .NET library for Mollom. Jelle's thinking and diligence wowed me -- and best of all, he is still the warm and fun human being that he was in high school. Check out Jelle's announcement for more details. Thanks, Jelle!

Python wrapper for Mollom

Andy Georges released a Python wrapper for Mollom. The wrapper can be used to integrate Mollom in your Python applications, but it also gets Mollom one step closer to the Django project. Thanks Andy!

Ruby Gem for Mollom

We're happy to announce that Ruby Master Jan De Poorter of Openminds, wrote a Ruby Gem for Mollom. You can get the Gem from http://mollom.rubyforge.org/. Jan told me that a Ruby on Rails plugin is on its way, so keep an eye on Jan's development blog. Rock on, Openminds!

PHP5 class for Mollom

Tijs Verkoyen of CR Solutions used the Mollom API documentation to create a PHP5 class for Mollom. Tijs' class is available under terms of a BSD license, so you can use it to integrate Mollom into your PHP applications. We've added the class on our download page. Thanks Tijs!

Mollom API now available

We try to make Mollom as open as possible, so we are pleased to release our API to the public today. This will allow third party developers to build plugins and clients to integrate Mollom's filtering capabilities in their applications. Applications that support Mollom will be featured on our blog and/or download page so let us know what you come up with. Thanks to all the people that provided input and that helped fine-tune the APIs!