Mollom library for ColdFusion

Ed Tabara from 1SmartSolution wrote an Adobe ColdFusion library for Mollom. Read more about it on Ed's blog post. Thanks Ed!

WP-Mollom 0.7 released

Matthias Vandermaesen maintains the Mollom plugin for WordPress. The plugin is available from the plugin directory and can act as a replacement for WordPress' default spam plugin. Matthias just released version 0.7 of the plugin, which comes with full translation support, making it possible to translate and use the Mollom plugin in your favorite language. Great!

Mollom at TechCrunch Belgium Meeting

A couple of weeks ago we presented Mollom at the TechCrunch Belgium Meeting organized by Robin Wauters, our Belgian Michael Arrington (i.e. Robin writes for TechCrunch and is the organizer of the Plugg conference).

Mike Butcher of TechCrunch UK was invited to cover the event as part of his TechCrunch Euro Tour. He just posted his round-up of the event, titled "Yes, even Belgium has startups", and concluded his Mollom summary with the words: "I think this has long legs.". Thanks Mike!

99.9% availability for paying Mollom users

At Mollom, we're focused on blocking spam. To do that, we've built a world-class (and world-wide) infrastructure that evaluates your site's comments and posts in real time, freeing you from moderation duties to spend your time on more satisfying pursuits.

Mollom is built on the freemium business model, and our customers have a variety of different needs. While many of our clients take advantage of our free filtering service to protect their site, a growing number use our Mollom Plus subscription service. We're always looking for new ways to add value for all of our customers, especially those with Mollom Plus subscriptions.

To that end, we're pleased to announce our new 99.9% availability standard for the back-end network available to our Mollom Plus subscribers. With 99.9% availability, we guarantee to keep our infrastructure working on your behalf. Those guarantees are in writing at and part of the updated web service agreement for paid subscriptions.

For around 1 euro a day, the Mollom Plus subscription service provides great value. At 99.9% availability, it provides great reliability. And by accurately blocking spam, it provides peace of mind.

Spam business model

According to this BBC article, spammers are turning a profit despite only getting one response for every 12.5 million spam e-mails sent. Even though their response rates are less than 0.00001%, big spam network generates more than $3.5 million USD in annual revenue. All it takes is thousands of hijacked machines sending millions of spam messages a day. Crazy!