"Using Drupal" book mentions Mollom

As I've mentioned in a prior post on my personal blog, I've been enjoying my copy of Using Drupal, the new O'Reilly Drupal book authored by Angela, Addi, Nate, Jeff Eaton, James, and Jeff Robbins.

One great thing about the book is how it outlines the solutions provided by contributed modules to common website problems. In a section about how to cope with website post and comment spam, the book compares the Akismet and Mollom services and other common approaches, including Drupal's CAPTCHA module. The book correctly identifies the feature that clearly differentiates Mollom from its competitors:

"Mollom's goal is to eliminate the need to do any manual intervention of content moderation, by passing the "gray area" validation to the posters themselves via the conditional CAPTCHA. And, unlike the CAPTCHA provided by a most websites, users are only confronted by the scrambled character challenge if their post is "borderline"—not for every single form submission, unlike other solutions such as the CAPTCHA module..."

It's great to see Mollom get a paragraph or three in such an important book. This book is an important milestone for Drupal, and Mollom's inclusion marks an important milestone for Mollom. Thanks to the authors!

Mollom now has "CAPTCHA only" mode

We're excited to announce a new release of the Mollom module for Drupal 6. The Mollom 1.7 release for Drupal 6 is our most extensive update so far, and contains a number of new features.

For end-users, the most obvious new feature is our ability to now protect forms with CAPTCHAs only. Previously, all forms enabled for Mollom were protected by Mollom's text analysis algorithms, with CAPTCHA challenges used as backup. Though that is still the default option, you may set individual forms to use a "CAPTCHA only" form of protection. Data on forms protected with "CAPTCHA only" is not sent for analysis, and the forms always present a remotely-hosted CAPTCHA challenge. With these changes, the Mollom module for Drupal can now act as a replacement to the CAPTCHA module. For a screenshot of the configuration page, please see the Drupal module tutorial at http://mollom.com/tutorials/drupal.

Mollom's CAPTCHA service also provides audio CAPTCHAs, an important feature that allows greater participation from the visually impaired. Further, Mollom's CAPTCHA challenges are generated remotely, allowing us to constantly monitor CAPTCHA quality. If (when!) hackers solve them, we tweak them in ways that make them more difficult to crack. We believe this makes Mollom's CAPTCHAs better than locally generated CAPTCHAs.

We've made a lot of other improvements under the hood, including many that will allow greater support for additional forms in the future. The next release will add support for popular contributed modules like webform module.

Thanks to Damien Tournoud from AF83 and Keith Smith for their contributions to the 1.7 release.

Mollom for Midgard

Henri Bergius has integrated Mollom into the Midgard open source content management framework. From Henri's release announcement: "When enabled, all posts sent to Midgard either on-site or using the email import tools will be passed to Mollom for assessment. If Mollom finds them spam or ham, they will be moderated accordingly. This should save a lot of time policing the site."

Midgard provides an object-oriented platform for building data-intensive applications, and ships with its own content management system built on the Midgard framework. Its CMS solution features an interface for installing components that provide additional functionality, like Mollom's spam-filtering web service. The Mollom component will be available in the soon-to-be-released Midgard 8.09.3 version. Thanks Henri!

Mollom in Datanews

Koen Vervloesem interviewed us about Mollom for Datanews, a weekly Belgian IT magazine. We're featured as the "start-up of the week" in the December 5 issue. If you understand Dutch, you can read the article online.

Mollom library for Zend Framework

Ruben Vermeersch has released a Zend Framework library for Mollom. From Ruben's release announcement, "Mollom checks your comments and provide CAPTCHAs if it's not 100% sure (about 2% of all comments). This takes the hard work of removing spam out of your hands, with the reassurance that no good content will be blocked."

The Zend Framework is an extensible set of components for building Web 2.0 applications and web services, with more than 7 million downloads and 500 different contributors. Ruben's contribution of the Mollom component allows Framework users to take advantage of Mollom's unique approach to blocking comment and post spam. Thanks Ruben!