Mollom's World Map of Spam

Mollom blocks spam from around the planet. To demonstrate this, we created "Mollom's World Map of Spam", a live updated map with the locations of the website spammers across the globe. The map shows both the attack frequency per country, and the individual locations of the spammers. Sweetness...

Postini has a similar map for email spam sources. There certainly is some correlation between the Postini map and Mollom's map, but it appears that website spammers tend to be geographically differently located as email spammers. A similar email spam based map is that of SpamShield.

The top website spammers can be found in the Netherlands, United States, Panama, United Kingdom, Germany, Russian Federation and China. This is quite unexpected, because for email spam, it is in Russia and China that the top email spammers can be found.

Notice that smaller countries such as the Netherlands and Panama only house a limited number of spammers, but these guys are very active, and even outdo all the spammers in the USA in volume.

Spammer locations

I think that the spammers themselves are not necessarily located in those countries, yet the machines generating the spam are. I also wonder what the correlation is between the number of machines polluting the email-traffic and website comments, and the eduction level the computer users have. For example, one can imagine the number of spam bot machine being higher in places where e.g. windows users remain ignorant of the dangers associated with their OS and it's lax default security measures.

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