Why our customers love us…

During economic recessions, service companies usually suffer. It actually makes sense. Companies try to cut costs and the first cuts being considered are at companies offering services that fall outside the core business of the cost-cutting company. Nevertheless, Mollom is handling the worldwide crisis very well. One might argue Mollom is not a typical service company but rather a product company. That is partially correct. Mollom builds a great product and therefore it has a product-centric strategy. Though from an external perspective, Mollom is definitely offering a service to 3rd parties: we prevent spam on interactive websites of our customers. Then why is Mollom still going strong? Easy: we offer a substantial, even measurable return on investment.

Let’s go back a little. Today, the web is constantly changing. Anno 2011, a website is not only perceived as the business card of a company, it is also a (great) way to openly interact and communicate with your potential customers, clients and visitors. Nowadays the company’s website is often the only asset a potential customer gets to see of a company. Additionally, more and more customers rely on social referrals when buying products or services, so adding social components and interactive fora to corporate websites and thus communicating online with your visitors is a great way to gain trust and build a community of brand ambassadors. But – there’s always a but – if you decide to connect to your visitors this way, you have to make sure to keep control. Yes, you want people to discuss your products, services or whatever it is that you do. Sure, you definitely want those discussions to be valuable, so you might perhaps find some useful feedback among the content. But, you don’t want these discussions to be disturbed by some spammers praising the low prices of some doubtful blue pills. You don’t want to see links posted leading your customers to sites with malicious content. Compare it with the reception desk at your company: do you want your visitors to be approached by a mysterious looking guy offering the best marijuana in town? Bet you don’t. Spam is bad for your site, for your reputation and your brands, and thus for your company as a whole. Now if you want to manually delete all of these spam entries, be sure to have a small team of FTEs ready. And be sure to pay them enough, since it’s a tedious job. There is an enormous amount of websites that get thousands and thousands of spam messages a day. Deleting these manually will break the bank and you’ll probably still miss lots of the spam since those damn spam bots work 24/7, not 9-to-5.

That’s exactly why our customers love us: we promise them to keep their valuable sites clean, protect their reputation, protect their brands, artists or others without having to worry about labor laws and ever increasing wages.

… and why we love our customers

That’s not the end of the story. It gets better. We might say there is a symbiotic relationship between Mollom and its customers. Allow me to explain. Whenever the Mollom service is implemented in an interactive website, fetching and analyzing user comments and spam messages, it actively learns. Mollom is an intelligent service and when a spam message does get through the Mollom filter (rarely!), one can flag it as spam and Mollom will take notice. Next time it pops up, it’ll get blocked. Pretty obvious that the more customers we have, the more accurate Mollom becomes, the better our product is. Those so called network effects are just great! So we definitely welcome each and every single customer and we love them with all our heart. Apologies for being a bit cheesy.

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