"Using Drupal" book mentions Mollom

As I've mentioned in a prior post on my personal blog, I've been enjoying my copy of Using Drupal, the new O'Reilly Drupal book authored by Angela, Addi, Nate, Jeff Eaton, James, and Jeff Robbins.

One great thing about the book is how it outlines the solutions provided by contributed modules to common website problems. In a section about how to cope with website post and comment spam, the book compares the Akismet and Mollom services and other common approaches, including Drupal's CAPTCHA module. The book correctly identifies the feature that clearly differentiates Mollom from its competitors:

"Mollom's goal is to eliminate the need to do any manual intervention of content moderation, by passing the "gray area" validation to the posters themselves via the conditional CAPTCHA. And, unlike the CAPTCHA provided by a most websites, users are only confronted by the scrambled character challenge if their post is "borderline"—not for every single form submission, unlike other solutions such as the CAPTCHA module..."

It's great to see Mollom get a paragraph or three in such an important book. This book is an important milestone for Drupal, and Mollom's inclusion marks an important milestone for Mollom. Thanks to the authors!

Great Job

Great job with Mollom!

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