MySource Matrix using Mollom to fight comment spam

In a recent post at Squiz Labs, the R&D arm of the family of open-source CMS products that include MySource Matrix and MySource Mini, the Lab announced that Mollom will provide intelligent CAPTCHA-based protection on its products forms and pages.

Their post offers a great explanation of how Mollom works, and includes a number of example Mollom CAPTCHAs. Of course, Mollom’s CAPTCHAs are only displayed when Mollom’s back-end is undecided about whether a post or form submission may be spam or ham; posts from known spammers or with known spam comment is rejected outright, while “good” posts from reputable posts are accepted without the need for the CAPTCHA challenge. Squiz Labs’s post also provides a neat look (via screenshots of their configuration screens) at how they’ve integrated Mollom’s key settings and other options into the administrative settings for their CMS products.

According to the post, the complete MySource integration with Mollom will roll out with the release of Squiz Matrix v4.0.0, currently due out around November 10th.

From all of us at Mollom, we’re excited to soon be able to welcome the MySource CMS family to our list of supported platforms!

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