Mollom Reloaded for WordPress

There is a brand-new Mollom plugin for WordPress to protect your blog from comment spam and unwanted posts.

Mollom is available for free for personal blogs and small company websites; paid plans offering more features and higher post volumes are available, too.

The new WordPress plugin ships with complete support for our Content Moderation Platform — enabling you to moderate all of your WordPress (and other) sites from a single, unified interface.

Your moderation team is now able to moderate user-contributed content on e.g. your 14 WordPress blogs and 3 Drupal sites - without having to visit each site separately. Of course, you can connect and integrate websites on other platforms, too.

As the successor of the WP-Mollom plugin, it integrates with our most recent REST API, bringing the latest and greatest features of Mollom to your WordPress blog. Following the Mollom module for Drupal, the new WordPress plugin also leverages the Mollom PHP library - which allows both platforms to benefit from improvements in the future. Upgrading is as easy as to uninstall the old and installing the new Mollom plugin.

The new plugin has been authored by Matthias Vandermaesen (netsensei) with help from Daniel F. Kudwien (sun) - they both share more detailed insights about the new WordPress plugin on their personal blogs.

We’ve reviewed and successfully tested the new plugin on various sites and can confirm that it works excellently. — Well done!

Did you try it already? Are you missing features or enhancements?

Let us know what you think!

What do I need to do to

What do I need to do to activate the COntent Moderation Platform?

How to enable CMP

Hi Peter, the WordPress plugin supports the Mollom Content Moderation Platform (CMP) out of the box; you do not need to enable it.

After signing up and copying the API keys into your WordPress site, you can start moderating by logging into

That said, ensure to check the additional requirements for CMP; you need to enable Pretty Permalinks and put some lines into the .htaccess file in your WordPress root directory.

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