Mollom out of beta

I'm very proud to announce we've just taken the "beta" label of Mollom and that we made our first commercial product available. Yes, that's right, our door is open for business! In the six months we've been beta-testing Mollom, we've blocked almost 9 million spam messages on thousands of sites. Starting today, we intend to block many, many more.

Our first commercial product

As promised, our most basic service is still free. We make Mollom Free available for free because we think that making spam protection available to as many sites as possible is the right thing to do. While Mollom Free is a great fit for the vast majority of our install base, it is limited to 100 legitimate posts or comments it can process per day. For larger sites, our Mollom Plus service is a great solution, providing protection against post and comment spam for about 1 euro per day. Supporting a volume of 10,000 legitimate posts per day, and backed-up by multiple Mollom servers in data centers around the world, Mollom Plus is designed for the needs of large community sites, web businesses and enterprise sites. For the largest sites -- or for customers who have many sites to protect -- we're also rolling out volume licensing. More details regarding Mollom Plus, Mollom Free, and other service plan options are available on the Mollom pricing page and in the Mollom FAQ.

Even if you don't have a large site and you hate spam as much as we do and believe that Mollom's services have reduced the amount of time you're spending policing your content, consider a Mollom Plus subscription to help support our efforts to fight spam. You can buy or upgrade to Mollom Plus starting today!

Mollom FAQ is available

In preparation for moving out of beta, we've updated our FAQ to address the most common questions we've received through email, including new sections detailing our pricing plans and billing arrangements. Still have questions about Mollom services after you've read through our FAQ? Please let us know via our contact form.

Update your sites' profiles

We've made a lot of changes in the last six months, and if you were one of our early beta testers, your profile may now be incomplete. If so, Mollom is still protecting your site, but we do want to keep your profile current. Please take a moment to access the Mollom Site Manager using your Mollom account, and if necessary, update your profile and subscription details. Thanks!

Want to partner with Mollom?

We've created reseller and developer partner programs that provide financial incentives for reselling Mollom Plus subscriptions, developing new Mollom Plus plugins for CMS and web frameworks, and for including Mollom Plus as a component of other packages. We're almost ready to launch these programs so let us know if you're interested. If you are, start selling Mollom Plus to show us you can.


Thanks to our beta testers, the many Mollom plugin developers, our great summer intern, and our contractors.

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