Mollom in SilverStripe book

A new SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development, by Ingo Schommer and Steven Broschart, has recently been released and is available on The book mentions and encourages the use of Mollom as SilverStripe's spam protection mechanism of choice.

Of course, since 2.3.1, the SilverStripe Open Source CMS has included comprehensive, native support for Mollom, and this book highlights that. By installing the free Mollom SilverStripe module, a SilverStripe website will automatically use Mollom to protect page and blog comments, forum module user registrations, forum posts, custom forms created within the CMS user interface, and (optionally) custom PHP forms using a special field type. More information and a screencast about SilverStripe's Mollom implementation is available.

Mollom and the SilverStripe team have a special relationship, and we're proud to be mentioned in this latest book. As one of our partners, we work closely with the SilverStripe developers to make sure that our service and their implementation of it provides a truly seamless experience that just works.

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