Look, Mollom.com!

We're proud to present a new design and experience for the Mollom web site!

The new design features a clean and open look in a well-defined layout. It provides a richer experience and ensures focus on the main page content.

mollom.com was originally launched in 2007 and has used the same design for more than four years. We've wanted to redesign the site for over a year now, in order to address many issues that were troublesome in the old design. However, work on the Mollom web service and the design and development of new Mollom products have always had a higher priority so we haven't found the time to complete the new mollom.com design until now.

Please contact us if you experience any visual glitches or errors anywhere on the site.

That said, since our target audience and almost all of our site visitors are technically oriented and thus use modern user agents, the new theme deliberately does not care for older browsers.

Unlike the Mollom service, Mollom's web site continues to be powered by the Drupal content management system. Aside from a few extensions to improve the administrative user experience, we are using almost no contributed modules on mollom.com - the entire page layout and content is driven by Drupal core functionality only.

The new design is the first step in our plans to reorganize the web site structure, which is not fully done yet. We still have to update the content of some pages, for example. Already, though, we think the new design is a fresh new change that improves usability.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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