How does Mollom stand out?

When talking to companies considering implementing Mollom, I often get asked the same questions. Two of the most common are: How is Mollom different from its competitors? How does Mollom stand out? We realize that these are really important questions to ask, and I'm always happy when I can provide an answer. They give me the opportunity to elaborate on Mollom without my rattling being considered "evil sales talk."

Basically, Mollom has two main competitors: Akismet and Defensio. The first is owned by Automattic; Defensio is owned by Websense Inc. We’ll not dive into the technical details, but keep things simple.

The major difference, in my opinion, is that Mollom considers posts as being non-binary. Content is not black or white; there are grey zones that apply. If Mollom is not completely sure that a submitted comment is spam (or completely sure that it's good content), the service runs an additional test by issuing a CAPTCHA challenge. The poster then has to – in a way – identify himself by solving the CAPTCHA and thereby proving to Mollom that she is not a spam bot, but a real person, trying to post a legitimate comment.

Mollom has its own CAPTCHAs, both text and audio based, and updates these regularly to always be one step ahead of the spam bots.

A second difference is the user registration protection that Mollom offers. Avoiding allowing spammers to gain accounts on your site is clearly a first step in order for spam protection to work more efficiently.

Last, but not least, and to me - as a non-technical person - the most convincing argument: Mollom is constantly improving its products and services and is adding new features as we speak. We already support plug-ins for numerous platforms (Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and many others), we already use reputation tracking, we already have profanity filtering and language detection, … but there is much, much more to come!

We’ll be announcing new releases with some exciting features pretty soon now and we’ll definitely keep you posted!

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