An [unsolicited] review of Mollom's CAPTCHA service

As one of the team that routinely responds to support requests for, I've seen a lot of questions come through our queue. Especially as we grow the Mollom infrastructure in response to changing spam patterns across the web, lately we've had more than our regular number of support challenges. Fortunately, with the infrastructure, hardware, and algorithmic improvements Ben and Dries have implemented, we're back down to our usual level of support requests.

The thing about a support queue is -- of course -- you're usually talking to people with questions, or assisting with a particular problem. There are tons of Mollom users out there who never write us for support because, we hope, Mollom just works for them. Those are users' we'd like to hear from more, because their feedback and thoughts are invaluable.

Dries pointed out just such a post by Alvin Alexander to me today. It's on, which uses Mollom to protect its comment and contact forms from spam. This is how the article sums up Mollom:

"Wow, it's rare for me to say this about any piece of software, but I don't have any complaints about Mollom. It was a breeze to set up, and I rarely even think about it ... as far as using it with Drupal is concerned, it just works."

I'd encourage anyone considering using Mollom to read his post. It's a great tutorial, and really hits all the high points of Mollom's feature set. I know I'll be referring people to it in the support queue so its going on my list of bookmarks.

Thanks, Alvin! We appreciate the feedback, and we're glad that Mollom is working out so well for your site!

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