Introducing new expected languages feature

LanguagesI'm excited to announce the latest feature to further improve the Mollom's ability to protect your sites from spam and unwanted content: Expected Languages.
As you may already know, Mollom has the ability detect the language of all content for classification, with over 99% precision for over 53 languages. With the new Expected Languages feature, you can now specify the subset of languages that you expect on each of your sites. Mollom will penalize and filter out posts in all other languages, keeping your site cleaner, effortlessly.

To enable the feature, navigate to the "Site Manager" on by clicking "Manage sites" from the top bar. From there, click "Edit site" for any site that you would like to enable the Expected Languages feature on. Under the Expected Languages section, you can choose any language you would like to accept on your site from the drop down of supported languages. You're also able to choose multiple languages if you have a multilingual site. Leaving this section empty will revert to the original default behavior of accepting all languages. Once you are done, click "Update site" and your changes will be immediately effective.

This feature has been in testing for the past few months and has proven extremely useful to the our beta testers. We are now releasing this feature to the public for all of our customers to use. Please let us know what you think about this new feature in the comments.

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