Moderation is about to get easier.

All your sites, in a single interface, available anywhere online.

  • Provide an optimized and intelligent moderation interface

    Sort and bulk-moderate comments by spam score, profanity content and more.

  • Make it easier to moderate multiple websites at once

    Moderate all your sites from a single, unified interface.

  • Make it easier to support moderation teams

    Create moderation teams, define workflows and track performance of individual team members.

  • Provide moderation as a service

    Allow the seamless outsourcing of your site moderation to a dedicated team.

  • Leverage Mollom's capabilities to take moderation to the next level

    Access all of Mollom's strong spam fighting capabilities.

At Mollom, we're driven by the need to constantly innovate, to stay one step ahead of the spammers, and to be responsive to the needs of our clients. In direct response to many of those requests, we've developed a new way to moderate web content that we'll soon launch in private beta. That new product is effectively a "hosted moderation interface".

While the product is still a work in progress, we're accepting applications for a limited number of private beta test users now. We need and want your feedback.

If you'd like to apply to be a private beta tester, sign up using the email form below.

We'll let you know via e-mail when it's time to experience the next evolution in content moderation.