1. Get rid of spam - Mollom helps you keep your site clean and on topic by automatically blocking comment form spam, contact form spam and fake user accounts. We use a novel filtering technique based on the combination of content analysis and CAPTCHA challenges.
  2. Strength in numbers - Mollom learns from all participating sites. If an unwanted message finds its way through your website, you can report it. This allows Mollom to learn from its mistakes, making our spam filters constantly better.
  3. Higher quality websites - Mollom can automatically evaluate the quality of your content to help you identify profanity, low-quality or generally unwanted material.
  4. Moderation made easier - Mollom can drastically reduce the effort required to moderate your site’s content by separating the wheat from the chaff. This allows you to focus on building your website or providing content, instead of having to deal with garbage and abuse.
  5. Human content only, please! - Spambots are everywhere and many of their actions, such as automatic account or comment creation, can't be detected by text analysis techniques. Mollom's one-two punch backs up content analysis with a CAPTCHA challenge service.
  6. More secure - Mollom clients use both a public and a private key to authenticate with the Mollom servers. This is more secure than a single access key and helps defend your account's internal reputation.
  7. Increase website traffic and user participation - A high-quality website will typically attract more visitors and more spirited user participation. By using Mollom, your site can grow faster while keeping your moderation tasks manageable.
  8. Accessibility - In the rare instance that Mollom decides to challenge a contribution, we provide both image and audio CAPTCHAs to maintain site accessibility for the visually impaired.
  9. Improve your search engine ranking - Higher quality sites that stay on topic receive higher search engine rankings.
  10. Increase advertising revenue - Advertisers prefer to advertise on websites with high quality content and better search engine rankings. Mollom can help you keep your site clean.
  11. Our top 10 list goes to 11! ... It is free! - Now and in the future, the basic Mollom service will be free. We want as many people to benefit from Mollom as we can support, so we intend to make sure that the features and volume available in the free version of Mollom go well beyond meeting the needs of the average site owner. You may never have to pay for our service!