9.7. mollom.getStatistics


The Mollom XML-RPC API interface has been deprecated, and is included here for archival purposes.

To develop clients and services that connect to Mollom, use the Mollom REST API.

Required Name Type Description
required public_key string Site public key
required time string Site server time in this format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss-.SSSZ
required hash string HMAC-SHA1 digest
required nonce string One time nonce
required type string Type of statistics requested
returns   integer Requested statistics value

The mollom.getStatistics call retrieves usage statistics from Mollom. In addition to the authentication parameters, an extra type field be passed in. There are several possible string values for type:

  • total_days — Number of days Mollom has been used.
  • total_accepted — Total accepted posts.
  • total_rejected — Total rejected spam posts.
  • yesterday_accepted — Number of posts accepted yesterday.
  • yesterday_rejected — Number of spam posts blocked yesterday.
  • today_accepted — Number of posts accepted today.
  • today_rejected — Number of spam posts rejected today.

The call returns an integer denoting the desired statistics type.