9.5. mollom.getAudioCaptcha


The Mollom XML-RPC API interface has been deprecated, and is included here for archival purposes.

To develop clients and services that connect to Mollom, use the Mollom REST API.

Required Name Type Description
required public_key string Site public key
required time string Site server time in this format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss-.SSSZ
required hash string HMAC-SHA1 digest
required nonce string One time nonce
optional session_id string Current session ID
optional author_ip string Submitting user's current IP address
optional ssl boolean use SSL to send the CAPTCHA to the user
returns session_id string Session ID associated with this CAPTCHA
returns url string URL of the CAPTCHA

An audio CAPTCHA is an mp3 file in which a series of digits and letters is spoken by a distorted human voice. Just like an image CAPTCHA, it can be used to tell humans and computers apart. Audio CAPTCHAs are accessible for visually impaired users.

The interface for requesting audio CAPTCHAs is identical to the mollom.getImageCaptcha call.