6. Error handling


The Mollom XML-RPC API interface has been deprecated, and is included here for archival purposes.

To develop clients and services that connect to Mollom, use the Mollom REST API.

As shown in Figure 2, Mollom can return several XML-RPC error codes. If a parse error or an internal problem occurs, error code 1000 will be returned. Mollom uses a client-side load-balancing scheme (see Section 4), which requires some additional error codes. The error code 1100 indicates that a refresh of the server list (see Section 4 and Section 9.1) is required. The error code 1200 signifies that the current server is too busy, and the client's request should be resent to the next server in the current server list.

Note that if the Mollom server is unavailable due to network problems or server downtime, the XML-RPC client library will probably return network errors.

See Section 11.5 for the XML-RPC error message format.