9.13. mollom.addBlacklistURL


The Mollom XML-RPC API interface has been deprecated, and is included here for archival purposes.

To develop clients and services that connect to Mollom, use the Mollom REST API.

Required Name Type Description
required public_key string Site public key
required time string Site server time in this format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss-.SSSZ
required hash string HMAC-SHA1 digest
required nonce string One time nonce
required url string A URL to be added to your site's custom URL blacklist.
returns   boolean Always returns "true"

Mollom automatically maintains whitelists and blacklists based on statistical analysis, reputation models and feedback sent by users. However, as a Mollom end-user, you may provide custom URL blacklists using the Mollom Blacklist API. Mollom will store the blacklisted URL on the server-side, and will use the lists in mollom.checkContent() calls (that is, mollom.checkContent() will return a result based on whether text passed to it contains one of the blacklisted URLs).

The mollom.addBlacklistURL call provides a way to add custom URLs to your site's custom blacklist.

Before storing the URL, Mollom canonicalizes it by:

  1. recursively unescaping,
  2. removing all leading and trailing periods,
  3. replacing periods in the pathname,
  4. lowercasing,
  5. re-escaping once,
  6. removing subsequent slashs in the pathname, and
  7. making sure the shortest path is always a slash.

Note that method names are case-sensitive; you should use "URL" instead of "Url" or "url".